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In 2010, Gordon Arlen, Teresa Bejan, Jonathan Bruno and I launched an experiment.

Our aim was a free and open-sourced quarterly of political thought that would draw the best from every methodology, accessible to lay readers yet full of scholarly rigor.

Over its three-year run, The Art of Theory published contributions from a small but rich sample of our diverse discipline. Those contributions are preserved below.

— Jason Swadley Canon, Editor-in-chief


Michael Sandel
Danielle Allen
Quentin Skinner
Josiah Ober
Elizabeth Anderson
Corey Brettschneider
Bernard Yack
Michael Walzer


Patrick Riley on Justice as Universal Charity
Jason Brennan on The Ethics of Voting
Steven B. Smith on Leo Strauss and Rousseau
Paul Kahn on Political Theology
John P. McCormick on Machiavellian Democracy
Sharon Krause on Hume and Human Rights

Author Meets Critics

The argument of Adam Smith and the Character of VirtueRyan Patrick Hanley

The Melancholy Realism of the Hard-Nosed Pessimist — Catherine Labio
Smith and Christian Virtue — Gordon Graham
Prudence and Magnanimity — Fredrik Albritton Jonsson
Smith as Virtue Ethicist — Aaron Garrett
Smith: Perfectionist or Practical Moralist? — Fonna Forman-Barzilai

Response to Roundtable
Ryan Patrick Hanley


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