A Farewell from the Editors (2013)

Dear Friends,

The four interviews just published constitute the final installment of The Art of Theory.

In 2010, we started The Art of Theory with the aim of establishing a new sort of online journal. It’s been an experiment from the beginning: a space for short-form, informal theorizing, and for conversations about theory. Altogether, the journal has published six essays, a book roundtable, and eight interviews. Our contributors and subjects form a small but rich sample from the diverse field of political theory.

As editors, we have enjoyed this work immensely. Even as we shift to new projects, we are grateful for the opportunity to have published The Art of Theory. And we hope that the materials published here have rewarded our readers’ attention.

The entire site will remain archived indefinitely. Interviews and essays can still be cited, and we hope that scholars, students, and other readers will continue to discover their value in the years to come.

-The Editorial Board